How to get FREE iTunes Store, Google Play and others gift cards [100% Working]

The title of this post seems a sort of publicity stunt but trust me when I say I can give you my guarantee that there are many services on the web that allows you to earn virtual credits used for redeem different kind of gift cards for iTunes, Google Play, PayPal and so on. At the end of this post I will list my preferred services and for each of those you will find a link to a guide that I made to start earning credits immediately. Now let’s see how these systems works in detail.

How they works

earning credits is extremely simple: just download and try apps, suggested apps. Yes, you read right you only need to download and try for 30sec/1min/2min the apps that the system offers you. When you will reach a threshold of 3000/5000/10000 credits (it depends on the services you use) you will be able to redeem gift cards codes. The system is just perfect, because everyone is earning something:

  • Developers earn a public for their apps
  • The service earns with the developers who paid for this sponsorship
  • We earn! Because we redeem gift cards

My guides

Now you can start to earn credits, here’s a list of my tested and working services. In every guide you will also find screenshots from my device:

Services chart

Nome Paypal Steam iTunes GPlay Amazon PSN Xbox Min Credits* Video, Banner**
FeaturePoints $ Y N Y Y Y Y 6000 N
AppBounty N Y Y Y Y Y Y 5000 N

The data in the table are subject to change. They are calculated by selecting “US” country.
* Credits minimum to redeem a 10$ iTunes or Google Play gift card
** possibility to earn point even watching videos or tapping on banners


The above services work with iOS, Android and maybe even with Windows Phone. None of them requires any kind of jailbreak, root or device’s alteration.

What are you waiting for? 😉

There is no way to hack these services, there’s no hack code that will give you million of points, so distrust who promises things like those because he’s deceiving you.

How to install Windows or Linux from USB

If you have a netbook you can’t, obviously, set up the OS (Operating System) from a CD or a DVD. That’s why I put Rufus  forward, because using this utility it’s as easy as pie. Rufus is compatible with every Operating System, and it allows to create a USB flash drive which you can use to set up the OS, as you would do if you had the opportunity to use a DVD. Let’s observe togheter the program interface, then I’m going to show you how to create your USB flash drive.
1. First of all, you have to select the disk drive where you want your flash drive to be, by clicking on the first drop- down menu;
2. Don’t change anything else, like in the picture above (default options), and click on the small disk symbol on the right of the interface;
3. Select the image you prepared before and click on “Start” . The program will automatically create the flash drive.
Now you can format the computer, if you don’t know how to do click here.
Rufus | Official Site

Translated by senzacca