AppBounty, Play Store and iTunes gift cards have never been so FREE!

Let's try to redeem free iTunes or PlayStore gift cards with AppBounty!

In this post I will show a service that allows you to redeem free iTunes (and other stores like Google Play) gift cards: AppBounty. As we have already seen, in this post, how these kind of services works and a list of my preferred ones, let’s start!


  • An iOS or Android (or Windows Phone? Let me know with a comment if it’s working!) device
  • An internet access
  • About 2 minutes of your time

Let’s start!

  1. First of all you have to open this post on your smartphone, so write this url on your browser (I suggest you to use Safari on iOS, otherwise some offers will not work) or just scan the qr code below:

    Scan this qr with your smartphone to open this post on your browser
    Scan this qr with your smartphone to open this post on your browser
  2. Then, when you are from your smartphone just tap on this link to start using AppBounty with 50 free credits! (Only with that link, if also the service will ask you for an invite code just input this: fbgleiyq)
  3. We will see the AppBounty’s home page (after downloading the AppBounty app if requested) and now we can start downloading offered apps by tapping on them, just try to download your first suggested app!

    The AppBounty's home page will look like this
    The AppBounty’s home page will look like this
  4. By tapping on “Rewards” we can see every kind of gift card that we can redeem with our points but we have to check that our country is correct, otherwise we won’t able to redeem the card if the currency is different from our account’s one.

    The AppBounty's rewards page
    The AppBounty’s rewards page

Some screen of my first redeem with AppBounty

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